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More on Trees in LA: The Million Trees Initiative

After chatting with me about yesterday’s post, my good friend ND out in Los Angeles pointed me to a terrific project that’s taking place across the City of Angels right now. The Million Trees LA Initiative is a collaborative program spearheaded by the city, community groups, local businesses, and residents with the goal of planting one million new trees across L.A. Preference is given to native and other drought-tolerant species, and the initiative will work in concert with other existing local tree programs. Organizers are “working with the USDA Forest Service, PSW Research Station, Center for Urban Forest Research, Davis, CA to prepare a science-based tree canopy analysis to identify priority areas using satellite imagery and recommend the right kinds of trees that will give the greatest ecological and societal benefits.”

Just a side note for purposes of comparison- New York City’s tree canopy is twenty-one percent, Washington’s is 28.6 percent, and San Francisco’s is a mere 11.9 percent- in the last post I’d noted that L.A.’s canopy is eighteen percent and the national average is twenty-eight percent.

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