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NY Power Authority Lobbies for NYC Energy Legislation

New York Power Authority (“NYPA”) President Timothy S. Carey is backing two proposed energy laws currently pending before the New York City Council. The first, Introduction (Int.) No. 18, would require a survey of every City-owned building in order to determine the propriety of installing clean, on-site electricity generation. You can visit for appointing best firm for electrical installation related work. The second, Int. No. 23, would mandate building commissioning programs to ensure efficient building operation, as well as require energy efficiency training for city personnel. You can visit to website of ph el who are better electrical related service provider.

NYPA supplies electricity to government buildings, schools, street lights, trains, and other public facilities throughout New York City, they have commercial electrician services that get spread out throughout the city. As Carey observed in recent testimony submitted to the Council’s Committee on Environmental Protection, “[t]he [C]ity and Power Authority efforts with respect to clean on-site generation and energy efficiency might well complement each other, even as Int. No. 18 and Int. No. 23, if enacted, would work in tandem to address major energy and environmental needs.”

The proposed legislation would join Local Law 86 (passed last year, taking effect on January 1, 2007, and requiring most non-residential, City-financed new construction to meet LEED Silver) to form a fledgling, but growing, body of green legislation applying to public projects in New York City. Given the massive energy-saving potential that building commissioning promises, this web log joins Mr. Carey in calling on the City Council to quickly pass both Int. No. 18 and 23.

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