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Off Site Search Optimization

Off site search engine optimization techniques involve efforts made on websites outside of your own to push your own ranking higher. These can include:
a. Fake Out Pages
This can take a variety of forms from running links that are not even from your brand in ways that don’t match the homepage layout to using other categories that don’t match your brand to make a variety of link targets.
b. Quality Content
If you really are trying to build the homepage’s authority, you want to be taking full advantage of your link profile and the SERPs to provide content that provides value to visitors.  Seo company melbourne will assist you in optimising your website and increasing traffic.

Marketing Twitter and Facebook
To speak to marketing & sales on Twitter, you need to get engaged on the social media platform and be active with the content of your own website and any pages you may be including on your website, while also you can use other services like Victorious SEO, which specialize in helping people with their marketing purposes.
For social media marketing in general, I like to focus on building a strong profile on the platform and getting access to the Twitter directory, on and off the platform. This allows you to reach some of the best strategists and folks in the business world on a regular basis. You can even build your own Twitter account and then use it to lead your Google+ brand profile on Twitter, which can become a strong influencer of your own brand.
You can have fun with the whole Twitter thing (maybe more than just a slight humorous tic here or there), if you don’t mind it being a little ridiculous. Just get your own picture of yourself with a laser pointer on your site and you’ll be good to go. This means if you can think of a few unique tweets to include that show how unique you are you’re set. You can just do this online, and you’ll just need to get a badge that shows the hashtag #mybrandedroppedone or #brandredroppedone, depending on the platform.
Some great Twitter hashtags to use that are out there right now are #GoogleBargains #doublestop #mybrandedroppedone and #brandredroppedone. Most of the companies I’ve targeted with Twitter marketing will put me in contact with someone in their “Brand Preview” Program in exchange for my tweet. This is a great way to build in brand awareness for your company. I’ve also used these hashtags to create some visual and sound video content, and for that I would just use the hashtags #wtf, #yungtastic, #tbt, #coffee, #marketing or #smartchoice, depending on the topic of the post. I also like to use some animated #tbt videos where I can show the story behind the brand.
This is probably the most important thing that you can do with Twitter in my opinion, and the Twitter Branding section covers it very well. There is more, but that’s enough for now. If you’re all in, it makes a lot of sense to get your brand into their directory.
Facebook is a platform that doesn’t play well into the marketing approach I just talked about. You’ll need to keep a high profile on the platform and be seen by the people who are your target audience, because, to them, you are the reason for the website’s traffic.
One thing to do to be visible on Facebook and build your brand is to have a Facebook Page dedicated to your business, as opposed to it just being one of many pages.

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