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Op Ed: The Greening of Buildings

I had the opportunity to write about Babylon’s green building legislation, which was recently incorporated into the Long Island town’s building code, as part of an editorial in today’s (Sunday) edition of New York Newsday. The piece focuses largely on LEED creep- which I’ve discussed here in prior posts- and touches on some issues that municipalities should consider before applying LEED to private development. (In Babylon, beginning on December 20, 2007, all new construction greater than 4,000 square feet must receive LEED certification prior to obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy.)

2 Responses to Op Ed: The Greening of Buildings

  1. Preston March 5, 2007 at 3:38 am #

    Nice story…this is good reading. I think I’ll post it on my blog.

    BTW – I wasn’t able to do that paper I wanted, and ended up settling for writing on the R.I. public nuisance case on lead poisoning. Thanks for the help…


  1. Jetson Green - March 6, 2007

    Town of Babylon’s LEED Code and LEED Creep Potential…

    Fellow green building blogger Stephen at GreenBuildingsNYC had an editorial published called The Greening of Buildings: Babylon Town’s adoption of an environmentally friendly building code has virtues, but could scare off potential development. Stephe…

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