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DRI Announces Subsidiary Offering Turnkey Solar Roofing Services

Earlier this week, I received a press release describing the launch of a new solar roofing company called DRI Energy (announced yesterday). A subsidiary of one of the larger roofing contractors out West (the DRI Companies), the new venture will assist clients in each step of solar residential roof installation, from concept through engineering and financing, as well as rebate administration support and system monitoring. What struck me about the structure of the new outfit is that it addresses one of the core challenges of green building- the coordination of multiple stakeholders in pursuit of integrated design. The green advantages of DRI Energy’s turnkey operation are thus derived from the elimination of one (or more) parties from the construction process and the streamlined efforts of one entity that performs multiple functions on the project.

DRI has annual revenues of $96 million. Residential clients include Shea Homes, Brookfield Homes, Lennar, and Centex; Target, Home Depot, Federated Department Stores, and Disney are among its commercial clientele.

Image above courtesy of Antenna Group; note that the solar panels are the darker area on the main section of the roof.

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