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Greening of Corporate America: McGraw-Hill Polls Execs on Green Building

In cooperation with its research partner Siemens, McGraw-Hill Construction today announced the release of its Greening of Corporate America SmartMarket Report, which polled executives on sustainability and green building issues. The results provide powerful support for the business case behind green building. Some of the figures from the poll include:

  • 60 percent of CFOs have seen a market differentiation provided to their companies through their sustainable activities and green building practices;
  • 63 percent of CEOs recognize financial benefits from green building;
  • 67 percent of CEOs have observed benefits from reduced operating costs thanks to green building; and
  • 57 percent of respondents believe that sustainable corporate principles encourage innovation within their companies.

Successful, sophisticated, and business-savvy people are recognizing sustainability’s bottom line benefits. As the poll indicates, green is no longer a question of giving a company a competitive edge, but rather a preventative measure from saddling it with a competitive disadvantage. The research that Siemens provided to McGraw-Hill came from 190 American companies with revenues not less than $250 million annually. 84% of respondents were either CEOs or CFOs; the remainder were senior vice presidents.

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