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Industrial Property Owners Push for LEED Credit Recognition

An article that appears in the Summer 2007 edition of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties’ (“NAIOP”) Development magazine helps demonstrate the necessity for USGBC to move its LEED Version 3.0 plans forward with greater urgency.

Back on March 21, KSS Architects hosted a LEED charrette in Philadelphia. Organized by NAIOP, the charrette discussed the application of LEED for Core and Shell (“LEED-CS”) to warehouses and distribution centers. Because the LEED-CS credits are generally directed at commercial office spaces, and not industrial properties, participants developed a set of modifications to LEED-CS that industrial project teams can use as Innovation Credits under the existing CS system. NAIOP may also propose to USGBC that these modifications be completely integrated into LEED-CS. The charrette developed industry-specific credits under categories that included Proximity to Multimodal Transportation, Truck Idling Reduction, and Cubic Volume. NAIOP plans on holding a webinar once KSS completes its draft report on the charrette and will invite USGBC to participate.

As USGBC continues to roll out new LEED systems geared at different sectors of the construction industry, the need for LEED Version 3.0 is becoming increasingly critical. Adding additional certification systems or, as NAIOP is proposing, additional credit categories or sub-categories, is confusing and time-consuming for project teams to consider. One master system- the LEED Bookshelf System- is an imperative if USGBC is serious about decreasing transaction costs and making LEED accessible for every type of project.

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