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More Green Building Legislation Including Green Globes as Option

The Green Building Initiative announced last week that Kentucky and Illinois have become the tenth and eleventh states in the nation to incorporate the Green Globes green building rating system into local legislation. (gbNYC has written a number of posts discussing Green Globes and comparing it with LEED). Kentucky’s bill recommends that its Finance and Administration Cabinet follow either Green Globes or LEED, while Illinois requires any school construction project applying for a state grant to obtain certification under Green Globes, LEED, or the Illinois Capital Development Board’s Green Building Advisory Committee Standards.

Ward Hubbell, President of GBI, recognized Kentucky and Illinois “for encouraging sustainable design practices with their new policies.” Of particular import, he also commended the two jurisdictions “for providing multiple options in the marketplace, which helps drive continuous improvement and encourages more people to design and build green.”

Kentucky and Illinois are now part of a group of states that also includes Arkansas, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin that have incorporated Green Globes into local legislation or regulatory schemes. The announcement is noteworthy given the number of legislators in various jurisdictions who have called for more flexibility and choice among rating systems in local green building legislation.

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