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Stop & Shop Selected as Sole Supermarket Participant in LEED Portfolio Pilot Program

Stop & Shop Supermarket Company (Quincy, MA) announced last week that it is the first and only supermarket chain in the country that’s been accepted into USGBC’s LEED Portfolio Pilot Program, which is now closed and should launch officially sometime in early 2008. Along with its sister company Giant Food (Landover, MD), Stop & Shop owns and operates 575 supermarkets throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. We’ve described the Portfolio Program previously, which allows multiple structures under a retail chain’s control to register and receive LEED certification from USGBC, together, rather than individually. For example, PNC Bank, one of the first Pilot Program participants, certified an original prototype branch building and a second prototype at regular cost. It then certified, at no additional cost, seven variations on the original designs (incorporating, for example, separate entrances and compensating for different geographic locations). Every tenth building is audited by USGBC for compliance with the original, certified designs. For PNC, the Program helped cut construction time by 4-6 weeks, cost $100,000 less than a conventional branch building, and has already saved the bank forty percent over typical branch energy costs. With respect to supermarkets, Stop & Shop seems like a good fit for the Portfolio Program; it’s one of the few supermarket chains in the country that’s received an Energy Star Leader award from EPA. Its stores use forty percent less energy than most supermarkets thanks to a variety of store-standard green features that include white roofs, daylight harvesting, fluorescent lighting systems and occupancy sensors, and efficient refrigeration systems.

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