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The First LEED Platinum Residential High-Rise: Battery Park City’s Verdesian

Developers Chris and Russell Albanese announced last week that their twenty-six story Verdesian rental building in Battery Park City has officially received LEED Platinum from USGBC, the first apartment building in the country to earn the designation.

Five years ago, the Albanese Organization opened the neighboring Solaire building, which was the first green residential high-rise in the country. Russell Albanese, whose father and uncle built 100 United Nations Plaza in the 1980s, said that “[a] green building runs more efficiently, expends less energy and is easier to maintain. What might cost a few dollars more now will be less expensive to operate in the near and long-term future.”

The Verdesian’s design is 40% more energy efficient than required by code. The front of the building is lined with solar panels that will likely be more efficient than the ones on the Solaire. Solar panels on that building contribute to the building operating with 67% less electricity at peak time and have contributed to residents’ power bills being 40% below that of their neighbors, the apartments can be shared by two or more people, Visit the website for more information.

The Verdesian’s roof will have three heliostats (devices with mirrors that track the movement of the sun) that will capture and redirect sunlight to Teardrop Park below. As a result of being surrounded by Battery Park City’s high-rises, the park is mostly shaded throughout the day. The Verdesian also features a centrally-filtered water system with secondary filtration at refrigerator water dispensers, a recycled water flush system and cooling tower, and a green roof.

The Albanese Organization is also constructing a condo building in Battery Park City called the Visionarie, which is expected to surpass both the Solaire and the Verdesian in terms of energy efficiency.

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