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New PAC to Recycle Local, Lazy Politicians

A new political action committee (“PAC”) will earmark funds to help elect local politicians that fight global warming—and “recycle” those that do not.

The Climate Action PAC, set up by the non-partisan New York League of Conservation Voters, will target New York’s state legislature this year, and in 2009 plans to contribute to local races across the state, including New York City’s. The PAC will offer both “direct financial support and independent campaign expenditures,” according to the group, and has set up to recruit new members and outline its goals. In addition to pursuing sources of renewable energy, the PAC wants to support congestion pricing (which of course passed a significant hurdle yesterday at the City Council level), the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and power-plant siting reform.

“If politicians pursue an aggressive climate change agenda, we will give them our support,” said Marcia Bystryn, executive director of the Climate Action PAC, in a statement. “If not, we will help recycle them into another line of work.”

The PAC appears to have support of the Bloomberg administration – New York City’s Deputy Mayor for Government Affairs, Kevin Sheekey, was the keynote speaker at the March 19 launch party.

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