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Governor Paterson Looks to Turn New York State Greener

Governor Paterson recently signed an Executive Order that created the New York State Green Procurement and Agency Sustainability Program, a plan to, among other things, leverage the state’s buying power to boost environmentally-friendly products and services.

In a statement, Governor Paterson said that it is “critically important that the State of New York take the lead as a steward of our environment.” Because the State government is such a large consumer of goods and power, Paterson believes that State policies “should conserve our precious natural resources, protect the public health, and prevent pollution.” Three new efforts detailed in the Order include the purchase of 100% recycled paper for daily use and in printed publications, the separation of recyclable materials in all offices and the use of  transformer recycling in east coast.

In addition to encouraging state agencies to purchase green products and step up recycling efforts, the Executive Order establishes an Interagency Committee on Sustainability and Green Procurement. This committee will be co-chaired by Commissioner of General Services John Egan and Commissioner of Environmental Conservation Pete Grannis, and is charged with making sure all agencies and authorities have the resources and direction they need to carry out the ramped-up green buying and contracting efforts.

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