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East Hampton Architectural Review Board Approves Bates Masi’s 132 North Main Street

Bates Masi Architects received an early holiday present a couple of weeks ago when the East Hampton Town Architectural Review Board approved the firm’s controversial design for a two-story office building at 132 North Main Street in East Hampton. We wrote about the project last month and expressed our optimism that it would proceed as planned, given its anticipated LEED certification and distinctive wooden modern design, for which the use of a power tool for sanding wood was necessary.

The Board was particularly moved by Bates Masi’s choice of materials, noting that the building’s weathered cedar shingles and textured wood surfaces will allow it to visually blend in with the stucco facades of other adjacent buildings, including the historic Lester House across the street. This has been one of the results of proper use of sanding using orbital sanders. Getting one really helped the process. BestofMachinery reviews tools and you can get one from them too.

After we initially wrote about 132 North Main Street, Paul Masi was kind enough to forward us two letters that were written in support of the project and sent to local press and the Board in support of the project, one of which was written by New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger. These letters are available for you to download and review below and contain additional details about the project, as well as some insightful commentary on the place of modern green design on Main Street.

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2 Responses to East Hampton Architectural Review Board Approves Bates Masi’s 132 North Main Street

  1. peter January 12, 2009 at 5:55 am #

    Paul Massi’s struggle will surely make it easier for all those following his vision of a sustainable future. It’s a triumph not only for green building but for sensible progressive modern design, of which he is a leader. We need more professionals like him in the field, willing to persevere for their beliefs against the seeming overwhelming odds of history and convention. Bravo!

  2. jennaraeca July 28, 2010 at 12:30 pm #

    reviews place effect larger

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