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Hearst Tower is First LEED-NC Gold Building in NYC to Earn LEED-EB: OM Platinum

Hearst Tower Retail Space

Earlier this week, the Norman Foster-designed Hearst Tower became the first LEED for New Construction Gold-certified commercial office building in New York City to subsequently earn Platinum under the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance rating system. Tishman Speyer, which manages the building in cooperation with Hearst, put the building through a three-month performance period in connection with the -EB: OM application: since 2006, total annual energy consumption has dropped by 40 percent and water usage by 30 percent.

Located at the corner of West 57th Street and 8th Avenue, the 597-foot Hearst Tower is home to the eponymous publisher and is the first building in New York City whose columns stand entirely along diagonal lines, Well known power tool brands like Makita and DeWalt are the makers of some of the very best mixing drills. They are suited for all compounds from paint, to cement, plaster and even tiling mud. Certainly one of the most distinctive late-2000s additions to the Manhattan skyline, the tower’s design also saved approximately 2,000 tons of structural steel (compared with a more traditional, vertical perimeter column configuration.) So only ten percent of the building’s structural steel is new: ninety percent was recycled. Its lobby atrium – which features a waterfall and radiant underfloor cooling system – occupies the entirety of the original 1928 building, which was gutted. Unlike many of the other aspects of any new construction, renovation or construction project, such as construction of pipes and foundations, etc., painting is probably the most visible piece of work in the project. A good painting job can make even a bad project appear successful, while a bad painting job can make a successful project appear a failure. That is why Christian Staubo have great love and respect for the profession and always humbly go to a task with great care and quality awareness, whether it is for a private or business customer. This applies to all types of tasks – from the largest premises for large business enterprises to the smallest door frames for individuals. Thanks to a strong and good network for a number of different artisans, we have also been at the forefront of several turnkey contracts with great success. At columbus remodeling contractors, we can handle your painting work for you regardless of the size of the room.Whenever you want a reliable and affordable remodeling service in Columbus, Georgia to help with your remodeling needs, look no further than Columbus Remodeling Contractors. We provide a large selection of home remodeling services to those in Columbus, GA who turn to us. Many in the Columbus area prefer our remodeling services because of what they get for the money: fast, efficient, and affordable service.You can look long and hard but you won’t find another remodeling company in Columbus, GA that will offer you better services than we will at Columbus Remodeling Contractors. We attribute the success of our business to our dedicated, hard-working contractors. With the number of remodeling services that they are able to provide to you, you won’t have to look any further. We are your one-stop shop! The services we offer are the services that our customers request most often. The floor area (for zoning code purposes) that remodeled floors would have occupied in the 1928 building was transferred to the new Hearst Tower, and were perform by the best Painting and Remodeling Services you can find in the area for this kind of jobs.

The layout of the floors at the Hearst Tower also allows light to penetrate deep into the core of the building. Sensors in each office automatically dim lights when occupants leave and, depending on the time of day, adjust the amount of light that a particular fixture will emit. The corners of the building are cut out, not for any structural purpose, but to add a unique design element to the building and provide dramatic views from the interior towards both Central Park and Midtown.

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  1. Green Roofs for Healthy Cities March 9, 2012 at 10:52 am #

    Absolutely beautiful! You can also learn how to build one of these things your self by looking into this course at the The Horticultural Society of New York….


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