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An Early Holiday Gift for You: GRELJ Green Leasing White Paper Available for Download

It’s been quieter than normal around here for a few reasons, but mostly because – as I’m very pleased to let you know – my wife and I welcomed our first child – a beautiful, healthy, baby girl – on September 5.

That’s obviously a great reason to slow down our publication schedule, but to try and start making up for the lack of articles here, please feel free to download this archive of all the green leasing articles we’ve published here at GRELJ in a handy PDF white paper. I hope you’ll find it a useful reference in connection with your green leasing efforts. I actually compiled the archives into this format in connection with a CLE program in which I recently participated  (and may become available for download at some point in the future).

If there’s interest, I may consider compiling our other topical archives into similar PDFs. I look forward to your feedback on the white paper and continuing to bring you great content here at GRELJ in the weeks and months ahead!

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