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Gotham’s Charge to Nation’s EV Infrastructure Leader Begins in Battery Park City

Silicon Valley-based ChargePoint, Inc. has already installed over 200 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout New York City. And, thanks to a recent $1 million incentive from NYSERDA, the online network of EV charging stations, which operates in more than 14 countries, recently installed the first of 80 more stations across the five boroughs at Battery Park City’s Solaire rental apartment building – the first LEED Gold-certified residential building anywhere in the country.

The ChargePoint network itself – currently 11,000 stations strong – is open to all charging station manufacturers. In New York, the company has worked with private garage owners and commercial hosts to install Level 2 charging stations (240-volt AC charging that can be installed at home; 500-volt DC high-current charging is referred to as DC Fast Charge and is generally provided by businesses or local governments, for free or for a fee). ChargePoint is partnering with NYSERDA and the Albanese Organization – which owns the Solaire and a number of other LEED-rated rental buildings in Manhattan – to install these next 80 stations. For drivers, the company offers an online interface to locate, reserve, and turn-by-turn-navigate to unoccupied charging stations within its network, plus free mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices. These apps also allow drivers to start and stop a charging session directly from their smart phones, or even view charging data in real-time.

“Upgrading the city’s EV infrastructure to new, universal ChargePoint chargers is imperative to the future success of a sustainable society. By working with ChargePoint and NYSERDA to bring new chargers to our LEED-certified rental properties in Manhattan, The Solaire, The Verdesian and The Vanguard Chelsea, the Albanese Organization hopes to inspire more drivers to consider electric vehicles, while providing current adopters with new access to convenient charging locations,” said Russell Albanese, Chairman of the Albanese Organization, in a press release. “The partnership of ChargePoint and NYSERDA has been an excellent example of the public and private sectors working together to make a great contribution.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo last year announced a $4.4 million grant to ten EV companies, municipalities, and other entities – including ChargePoint – to install 325 charging stations across New York State. Earlier this year, he announced a 5-year, $50 million initiative called Charge New York which aims to install 3000 stations by 2018, as well as more generally encourage growth in EV ownership. Downstate, Mayor Bloomberg earlier this year announced his own plans to make up to 20 percent (or 10,000 spaces) of new New York City parking spaces EV-ready over the next seven years.

Just by way of background and for some context: as of October 2012, the United States had 13,967 public EV charging units (3,472  in California). And, as of November 2012, 15,000 charging stations had been installed in Europe (3708 of these are free and located in Norway, which leads the world in electric car ownership per capita). In Asia, as of December 2011, Japan had 800 public charging stations; China only 168.

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