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Green Insurance: Number of Climate Change-Related Products Doubles in 2007

Ceres is a non-profit coalition of investors, environmental groups, and other public interest organizations that works with companies as they negotiate the issues implicated by sustainability and climate change. Last week, it released From Risk to Opportunity: 2007, Insurer Responses to Climate Change, a comprehensive overview of presently available climate change-related insurance products. The report […]

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Value is Key as Insurance Industry Continues to Grapple with Green Building Standards

In a paper that was released last month and authored by Janice Ochenkowski, Managing Director of Global Risk Management and John Schinter, President of Energy and Sustainable Services, Jones Lang LaSalle provides an overview of the challenges that green buildings have presented to the insurance industry, as well as a survey of how the industry […]

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Surety Industry Raises Red Flags Over D.C. Green Building Act

Concerns over LEED creep (the application of LEED mandates to private projects) include the potential for awkwardly- or hastily-drafted legislation to change the risk structure associated with a given green construction project for various project stakeholders. For example, back in early August, the Surety and Fidelity Association of America (“SFAA”) and the National Association of […]

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Green Business Law: Need for Green Counsel Becoming Increasingly Salient as Green Claims are Brought Against Design Professionals

I’ve written before about the potential for design professionals to unwittingly expose themselves to unanticipated risks on green construction projects. In a presentation at last month’s 2007 AIA National Convention in San Antonio, Frank Musica, an attorney with a Maryland-based insurance company, provided an overview of twenty-one actual “green claims” brought against engineers and architects. […]

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Thoughts from Insurance Industry on Green Building Risks: Contract Language Remains Key

The May/June issue of eco-structure magazine offers an excellent article on insurance industry perspectives towards green building and the potential risks that design professionals may unwittingly encounter on green projects. Written by Chicago-based Gary Kingery, a design professional liability underwriter for architects and engineers, the article starts out by noting that insurers have little understanding […]

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Fireman’s Fund Introduces Green Building Policy Package

On October 16th, the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company introduced a Certified Green Building Replacement and Green Upgrade coverage endorsement, designed to provide lower premiums for buildings already certified under LEED and the Green Building Initiative’s Green Globes Rating System, as well as give owners of conventional buildings the opportunity to green their systems in the […]

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