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New Jersey Legislators to Consider Green Building Incentives

In spite of facing massive budget shortfalls, New Jersey legislators will consider two different green building bills during their 2008-09 term. We reviewed both bills over at gbNYC earlier this fall; one would require affordable housing developers to include sustainable design features (though not formal third-party certification) while the second would offer low-interest loans to developers who achieve a LEED Silver level of certification. As the economy worsens, though, it will be a tough sell in Trenton to hand tax breaks to private interests. I expect that green building legislation across the country will face similar scrutiny- particular if litigations like the AHRI case in New Mexico cause legislators to more carefully consider how their regulatory schemes are crafted.

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The Top 5 Legal Issues to Consider on Green Construction Projects

I had the opportunity last week to attend an excellent CLE that was offered by American Land. The program focused on the legal issues that attorneys must remain particularly mindful of when advising clients on green real estate projects. The Braganca Law helps you with your legal matters. Accordingly, here are gbNYC’s top five legal […]

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More Green Building Legislation Including Green Globes as Option

The Green Building Initiative announced last week that Kentucky and Illinois have become the tenth and eleventh states in the nation to incorporate the Green Globes green building rating system into local legislation. (gbNYC has written a number of posts discussing Green Globes and comparing it with LEED). Kentucky’s bill recommends that its Finance and […]

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Monday LEEDoff: Nevada Weighs Adding Green Globes to 2005 LEED Legislation and Prompts Debate in State Assembly

One of the major aims of this blog during the past few months has been to argue in favor of increased competition among green building rating systems. Owners and municipalities should demand performance from their green buildings regardless of the rating system that the project team chose to implement prior to handing out incentives or […]

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Green Globes Now Free for GBI Members; Will USGBC Respond?

The Green Building Initiative (“GBI”) made an interesting announcement today with respect to its Green Globes green building rating system. GBI will now offer the use of Green Globes for free to GBI member firms. Unlimited use of the system is available for a membership cost of $2,500/year. A $500 membership provides access to the […]

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