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The Subprime Lending Meltdown: What Does It Mean for Green Building Part II?

Following up on yesterday’s Monday LEEDoff, an article on the cover page of this week’s edition of Crain’s ominously noted that “[t]he credit crunch [stemming from the subprime meltdown] is paralyzing the New York real estate market. In the past few weeks, financing for almost all large commercial and residential projects in the city has […]

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11 Times Square and the Subprime Lending Meltdown- What Does it Mean for Green Building?

Over the past couple of weeks, it’s been impossible to ignore the economic doomsday scenarios that pundits have been tossing about in the wake of several high profile bankruptcy declarations by subprime lenders like American Home Mortgage (as well as the $11.5 billion loan obtained by Countrywide Financial to bolster its cash reserves). So, should […]

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