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Twins, HOK, and USGBC Look to Extend LEED to Stadiums

I’ve written previously about the new ballpark for the Nationals, which will seek LEED certification, and the proposed stadium for the Twins, whose design team is also exploring LEED options. An article in BD+C suggests that, because HOK Sport is the architect for each of these venues, the firm is working in concert with USGBC to develop a certification option specifically for stadiums and arenas.

Dan Kenney, executive director of the Minnesota Ballpark Authority, said the Twins ballpark project team is working with the USGBC to establish an appropriate baseline standard for stadiums. The next step would be to improve on that standard. “We have transportation options and existing parking [and other things] that bring us points at the beginning,” Kenney added. “Then we start looking at what kinds of materials we can use and how we can leave soil on the site – recycle soil on the site instead of trucking it out. “It’s an ongoing process. ” The Twins and the Nationals are both using the design services of HOK Sport, so those architects are “certainly going to share experiences” with sustainable design and potential for LEED points, Kenney noted.

Despite the looming specter of the LEED V3.0 Bookshelf System, it’s encouraging to see USGBC’s continued pursuit of extending LEED to niche sectors of the construction industry. With new Yankee Stadium, the Mets’ Citi Field, new Giants Stadium, the Nets’ Barclays Center in Brooklyn, the Red Bulls’ soccer stadium out in Harrison, New Jersey (literally across the river from Newark and the Devils’ Prudential Center- opening next September and not LEED-certified or green according to any of my research, though incidentally also designed by HOK Sport), a potential new home for the Islanders out in Uniondale on Long Island, and a new Madison Square Garden all in various stages of planning, development, and/or construction, USGBC would be well-served in rolling out a stadium-specific rating system targeting these extremely high-profile projects in the New York area while LEED V3.0 is still in its development phase.

One Response to Twins, HOK, and USGBC Look to Extend LEED to Stadiums

  1. Brian July 16, 2007 at 8:57 pm #

    Citi Field really has no ‘green’ aspects given Sterling Equities/HOK design plans? I’d be curious to see how the Wilpons (Met ownership) has responded to Bloomberg’s PlaNYC. I’ve read that although they have no plans for LEED certification, that may not necessarily mean it won’t be ‘green’. What is relevant is that Citi Field is compliant with LEED standards where possible. Perhaps they’re pushing the standardization is better (and maybe cheaper) than certification angle??

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