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Green Roofs, Cool Cities: Apple’s Green Roofs Take Shape in Queens

I wrote about how Queens is leading the charge to green New York City’s rooftops earlier this year, so I’m pleased to see that Vanessa Rae and the folks at RiverWired’s weekly Pulse video podcast have put together a terrific production about Gotham’s green roofs focused primarily around the city’s largest at Silvercup Studios in Long Island City. Leslie Hoffman from Earth Pledge (which is overseeing the installation of a green roof at the former Gratz Industries Building in Long Island City) provides details about how her team is tracking the roof’s performance. The podcast also offers a good overview about how a green roof is physically put together and some great shots of the roof at the Solaire.

  • Going Green in the Borough of Queens (gbNYC)
  • Green Roofs, Cool Cities (Daily Motion)
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