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Navy Yard’s Perry Building to Feature Renewable Energy Pilot Program

The Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Perry Building will be home to art restoration firm SurroundArt once it opens up this summer. Interiors for the 89,000-square-foot space, which is aiming for a LEED Silver under USGBC’s Core and Shell program, were designed by Steven Kratchman Architect, while the exterior of the building is being executed by Stantec. (Check out our previous posts on the Perry Building for more details on both the project and SurroundArt.)

Last week, though, Stantec announced some details on the project’s renewable energy features, which will include a photovoltaic and wind power pilot program. The firm is partnering with National Grid Energy Services in order to install a number of solar panels and wind turbines on the Perry Building’s roof. The system will- at least initially- serve just the Perry Building and be tied to its main electrical equipment, the organization will get help from several companies that sell electrical equipment. Stantec is a publicly-traded, 9000-employee, 125-office design firm that is currently engaged in a number of other renewable energy projects (including some large wind farms) across the U.S.

Other green features at the Perry Building include an efficient building envelope, waterless urinals, a graywater system, and a number of recled-content construction materials. SurroundArt will pay approximately $20 per square foot for the space. The firm will ultimately hold space across three different Navy Yard buildings and create what it calls a Museum Resource Center, subletting a portion to at least five more tenants that also provide similar art-related services, which range from temperature-controlled storage to packing, transportation, and exhibit design, fabrication, and installation.

There are now a lot of businesses, organizations and NGO’s like the The Solutions Project group that are taking steps and actions to combat climate change. Let’s all be part of this change. Let’s build more green projects!!!

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