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aveat Lector: If you use MAC address filtering, it should be set up first, as the next step after entering the WPA passphrase is to try to join the LAN. Going back to the settings menu to reveal the MAC address effectively erases the passphrase.

So what about our old TV?

One would assume that the upstairs TV worked, so then its obvious that our downstairs TV (Toshiba 51HX83) should also work. Stealing the PS3’s HDMI to DVI cable, I proceeded to attempt to use AppleTV on a presumably non-HDCP 8 year old rear projection Toshiba HD TV. The end result? A wavy menu appeared, reminiscent of the horrible video people used to get when using cable descramblers (from what I hear). End result, AppleTV is not usable with our older TV, so we decided to keep our cable tv services for that one.

So a quick trip to the local Apple Store should sort this out.

Genius: “Sir, its the fact that you are using an HDMI to DVI cable, the conversion is the issue.”

Me: “What conversion, its a 1:1 pin match, minus the audio channel, same video data, no conversion. In fact people are having the same problem on HDMI to HDMI cables with older TVs. (Checkmate)”

Genius: “Thats funny, that’s not what they said out back. Let’s look it up.”, which resulted in a search.

Genius: “It’s the HDCP. What does that stand for? Anyways, that’s the problem. Sorry, its a shame.”

So I truck on back home, load up some episodes of Mad Men that I bought from the iTunes Store. These are both entertaining and DRMed. Lo and behold, the episodes played, albeit wavily. So HDCP is now off the hook.

So if its not the cables causing conversion and not HDCP, then what?

Could the AppleTV be using higher bandwidth HDMI, which older TVs can’t handle? Maybe?

Did the older TVs implement resolutions with more poetic license than more recent TVs? Maybe.

Is the AppleTV simply doing something wrong? Maybe

Our Toshiba TV supports 480p, 540p, and 1080i. I’m still puzzled to this day as to why 540p and 1080i, as the 2 are ostensibly the same. Could it be that 720p gap is the problem? Maybe, but other TVs that support 720p are also not working, so this is probably not the issue.

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