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That Smarts: A Bumpy Beginning for Smart Meters in NYC

Submetering and smart meters are very good ideas, and ones whose potential takes the implicit promise of much that we write about here at gbNYC and make it explicit. That is, the idea of arming people with valuable information and incentives for smarter behavior could condition positive change in both our built environment and how we live in it. In time, submetered energy will probably replace old-style flat-rate pricing just as thoroughly and just as deservingly as broadband internet is replacing dial-up. The problem is that no one has successfully explained this stuff to consumers, and that it’s work — making changes in one’s behavior, reading a complicated energy bill, actually turning on one’s brain and responding to market incentives — and that humans by their nature kind of abhor that sort of thing.

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RFP Considerations for Tenants Considering Certification Under LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors

USGBC’s LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors rating system includes a significant number of points which tenants can earn towards their LEED-CI certification simply by choosing to lease space in qualifying base buildings; tenants can vet the available pool by properly streamlining the Request for Proposal process.

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Case Study on Enforcement Mechanisms in Green Leases: New South Wales Police Headquarters Building

If either the landlord or tenant breaches a green provision in a lease, what specific rights and remedies – if any – does the lease provide to the parties? The New South Wales Police Headquarters Building, just outside of Sydney, Australia, features a lease that gives the tenant a rent reduction if the landlord fails to maintain a certain level of third-party green building certification.

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