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TD Bank Looks To Score With Carbon Neutral Proclamation

Local banks still exist, but are increasingly the sort of thing grandparents talk about walking past on their way uphill to school (and then again, on the uphill home) back in the old days. The tellers knew your name, the locations were convenient, there were no grandiose jerkweeds in a back room tranching and re-tranching your mortgage, then making trillions of dollars worth of bets on whether or not you’d pay it back, and then going out for steak and yelling profanities at each other. Commerce Bank was one such nice-guy local bank — except for the unfeasible dual-uphill-location thing — before it was purchased by Canadian banking giant TD Banknorth back in 2007. As so often happens with your bigger banks, TD Bank went about alienating New Jerseyans (admittedly, not difficult) by acting like a Canadian Banking Giant. It will take more than some solar-enhanced drive-throughs and a bunch of carbon offsets to win back Jersey — we’re like that — but TD Bank’s recent announcement that it plans to go carbon neutral at least is a sign that the erstwhile Canadian Banking Giant is dedicated to being a Responsible Canadian Banking Giant.

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