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RFP Considerations for Tenants Considering Certification Under LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors

USGBC’s LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors rating system includes a significant number of points which tenants can earn towards their LEED-CI certification simply by choosing to lease space in qualifying base buildings; tenants can vet the available pool by properly streamlining the Request for Proposal process.

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Giveaway: USGBC’s Green Office Guide for Integrating LEED Into Your Leasing Process*

USGBC’s Green Lease Guide does much more than just discuss the split incentive that’s a major barrier to implementing a truly green lease; it provides tenants with a form environmental impact questionnaire designed to assist them in vetting potential properties, as well as eleven pages of sample green lease provisions. The Guide is primarily written for commercial office tenants, but landlords will find its background information useful as well.

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Green Leasing Series: Introduction to Green Leasing

Much like the term green building, green lease is a term without a widely accepted definition. (Editor’s note: this is a critical point that we will be exploring in detail in future articles in this series). A green lease can take many forms. However, the key concepts in any green lease are: (i) rent structure and operating expenses; (ii) build out of tenant improvements; (iii) sustainable development principles and regulations (throughout the building or larger development); (iv) the use and disposal of hazardous materials, including cleaning supplies; (v) recycling; and (vi) environmental management plans. A green lease will generally detail environmentally friendly products to be used, water and energy conservation methods and targets, the use of alternative sources of energy on-site, such as solar or wind, indoor air quality standards, and dispute resolution procedures.

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