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It Takes A Village? Checking In On Slate’s Collective-Intelligence Home Efficiency Experiment

For awhile, Slate was satisfied just to be one of the more consistently engaging/occasionally enraging sites on the Internet — well, satisfied to be that and to run dazzling features from one of the finest young writers of his generation. But in recent years, they’ve done a lot of innovating. Yes, there’s still a lot of “what you think is bad is actually good” feature-ing, but there are also a ton of new spin-off blogs and aggregations and videos and such. Apps, presumably. (The young people are always talking about the apps). One such new addition to Slate is The Hive, in which Slate’s readership’s collective intelligence is brought to bear on a particular problem. This is made all the more interesting, and gbNYC-relevant, by the fact that the first subject The Hive is tackling is the greening of Slate writer Daniel Gross’ Connecticut home.

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