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Screaming (About) Trees: Daily News Reports Downside of Bloomberg’s MillionTreesNYC

Regular gbNYC readers are familiar with our complicated relationship with Mayor Bloomberg. Yes, the diminuitive orange squillionaire is perhaps a bit too eager to put the brakes on progress at the behest of NYC’s mega-developers, but Bloomberg has also contributed mightily to New York City being one of the greenest big cities in the world. Is he tacky, jerky, peremptory? Yes, yes, and yes, but given his aforementioned good works and the fact that local government is where the green action is these days, gbNYC has basically no choice but to give the Mayor a modified, limited hat-tip on sustainability. That said, his vaunted MillionTreesNYC thing is another story. While it’s hard to argue with it in theory — trees are objectively pretty sweet, and everyone from Robert Frost to baby beavers knows this — the multimillion-dollar private/public project to boost the number of NYC trees by (yes) a million by 2017 fairly smacks of fatuous, celebrity-style green activism.

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